Over the past thirty years, CND has become globally recognised by beauty professionals as a go-to supplier, not only for reliable products and services, but also ongoing dedication to education, training and support. CND is an acronym for Creative Nail Design and their goal is to provide beauty professionals with everything they need to deliver world class nail beauty services.

The Company that Revolutionised the Nail Industry

Dr Stuart Nordstrom had the idea for a revolutionary nail enhancement product when a patient commented that the smell of the material used for preparing temporary caps reminded them of the smell of the material used for sculpting porcelain nails. Consequently, Nordstrom created SolarNail™ Liquid, the first product able to provide a natural, non-yellowing nail colour made from a formula that delivered stronger and more flexible nails. CND’s innovation shaped the future of the nail industry and has continued to do so for more than thirty years.

An Exquisite Range of Quality Products

CND’s product range includes the now-famous Shellac, a processed resin that provides a long-lasting coat of polish to create a beautiful colour and shine. It comes in a wide range of colours to suit any mood. Unlike the harsh treatments sometimes provided by nail salons, Shellac is easy to remove and doesn’t damage your nails. CND also have a line of hand and body treatments, specialty tools, and spa products for complete beauty therapy.

Founded on Research & Development

Since its inception, CND has been dedicated to rigorous research and development on every product, prior to making it available to customers. CND believe that chemistry underpins the quality of their nail products and deliver their promise of high-quality performance through high quality products.

Whether you’re an experienced beauty professional or simply looking for personal use products, the CND range is an excellent choice for high quality, reliable and professional level nail products. From an extensive selection of nail polish colours and types to salon nail kits and more, eBay’s range of CND products will have just what you’re looking for.