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Fashion brand COS is for those men and women who want functionally modern and considered designs. COS, short for "Collection Of Style", is well-known for their thoughtful, timeless, and high-quality designs that last well beyond a single season.

COS Collaborations

COS draws much of its inspiration from art and design, thus honouring it with support and collaborations with artists, creatives, organisations, and individual exhibitions from all around the fashion world.

The label has a long and distinguished history of collaborations with everyone from artists and designers, and even with architects on both projects and events. For example, they showcase an annual installation at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and they publish a biannual magazine.

Their interest in design and art is reflected in the construction of their clothing range, which is why people from these different industries world agree to engage with them artistically, as well as wear and appreciate their designs.

Cos Style

Often reinventing classics and wardrobe essentials, COS create pieces using a combination of new techniques and traditional methods that merge to become timeless and understated collections. A play on proportions, scale and juxtaposition, these timeless staples are reimagined to provide a new form of utility and fashionable functionality.

The COS style earned them praise from both Vogue and The New York Times when their first US store was opened back in 2014.

COS Space

Since first launching in 2007, COS has opened many stores worldwide in very carefully considered locations. In each case, they apply an architectural design concept to truly preserve the original features of each building, whilst simultaneously creating a modern and welcoming space.

COS Women

Discover a collection of women’s fashion that has been made to last beyond the season with modern design, understated detail, and timeless style.


Focusing on functionality and form, the menswear made by COS incorporates innovative new techniques and traditional methods to create a collection of enduring style.

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