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COX Lawn Mower Accessories and Parts

COX is an Australian company that produces efficient and effective ride-on lawn mowers. Ever since the COX MowMobile was released, the company has enjoyed a prosperous six decades and continues to produce quality mowers for the Australian home. Buying is easy, but lawn mower repair is a whole different story. If you’re the type who loves saving cash on labour, buy yourself some spare or replacement COX lawn mower parts to get your riding mower back in top shape.

COX Lawn Mowers

When you’ve got more than a two-decade old mower, it is probably time to upgrade. COX lawn mowers are all riding mowers. Achieve a pristine lawn with the LawnBOSS ZTR, which has a zero turn radius for precise mowing, while the 4500 Series is built for rugged work conditions.

COX Blades

The mower blade is one of the first parts to conk out; it is the one that does the dirty work after all. Having replacement COX lawn mower blades on hand is a smart move, especially when you’re about to obliterate that pesky bush you’ve been meaning to destroy all week and it turns out that your blades have gone dull. If you stock up, a simple blade swap returns your mower to peak sharpness in no time. Blades are sold in four- or six-pair sets. Make sure to measure the length of your existing blades to ensure you have the right one for your COX mower.

Lawn Mower Chains

The drive chain is an essential part you should always have on hand because all work stops when it breaks. Take note of the chain length of your COX lawn mower, which you can easily find in your user manual or mower spec sheet. Swapping it out is as simple as moving the main shaft to loosen the chain and replace it with a new one. These repairs are often required when your drive chain slips and causes the mower to jerk forward and lose efficiency and torque when riding.