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About CRT Televisions

 You cringe as you hear the dreadful sound of glass shattering, entering your son's room only to see a large hole in the middle of his plasma TV. Maybe it is time to purchase a CRT TV that is both more durable and more affordable. Although CRT technology is being fully replaced by newer innovations like LCD and plasma displays, these TVs still have their place in the home. Being incredibly affordable, these TVs are often great if you have children that may be a little too rambunctious in the household. A further advantage of CRT TVs is that they typically have inputs for older technology, like VCRs and older gaming systems, which is something that newer TVs do not always offer. Whether you want something that can handle the older technology that you know and love, or just a TV that you can afford to replace, you can find a huge range of televisions, including Panasonic, Sony, LG, and Samsung CRT TVs, amid the vast inventory on eBay.