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Cabbage Patch Kids are adorable dolls both popular with young children and collectors. The company is best known for its rosy-cheeked little boy and girl soft dolls first made popular in the 1980s but still loved by children today. Whether you're a collector looking for your next piece of Cabbage Patch Kids memorabilia or a parent searching for the perfect doll for your little ones, there are thousands of great deals to be found on eBay. 

American art student Xavier Roberts first dreamt up the idea for Cabbage Patch Kids in 1976, when he was just 21 years old. Since then, his cuddly dolls have become one of the longest-running toy franchises in history. Buying a Cabbage Patch Kid isn't like getting a teddy bear every doll is expertly crafted by a company with almost half a century of expertise. 

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