Cabin Luggage

Cabin Luggage that Measures Up

Making sure you have the right bags to sail through airport security can be a real stress. Most airlines have strict baggage restrictions in place, meaning only bags of the right weight and proportions will make it onto the aircraft with you. Get it wrong and passengers can be looking at a hefty extra fee as their bag heads off to the hold. This range of specifically designed cabin carry-ons really takes the headache out of airport travel, and are great additions to a luggage collection. No more worrying about whether your carry-on luggage will fit in the overhead lockers, just check-in and go.

Luggage for work and play

You'll find cabin luggage in a colourful selection of designs, so there's sure to be something that suits your personal style, and the compact sizes make them the perfect choices for short city breaks and weekends away. If you're travelling for work, you'll love the sleek and professional carry-on bags and briefcases. Look out for handy features like laptop compartments and RFID pockets that block your personal information from identity thieves, ideal for storing your credit cards and passport. If you want maximum security for your belongings, a TSA combination lock will allow only you to access your baggage.

Holiday luggage for the whole family

Kids will love the more colourful carry-on baggage and backpacks, with exciting designs featuring everything from superheroes to Disney characters. Lightweight suitcases with spinner wheels for great manoeuvrability lets little hands take charge of their own bags, while some hardside bags are designed to let kids ride-on, keeping them entertained while you do all the hard work.

For fashionable carry-on luggage for your next girls' mini-break, look out for bold prints, unusual fabrics, and, of course, a large toiletry compartment. Try to spot some vintage-inspired luggage and chic designs that could even pass for a handbag. That way you're ready to head straight towards the bright lights of the city bars as soon as you step off of the plane.