Cabinet Guitar Amplifiers

Increase your volume with a Cabinet Guitar Amplifier

It doesnt matter whether youre a rock legend or a blues and jazz soul player, because when youre a musician, youll want to do everything you can to really connect with your audience while also getting the best tone out of your guitar. A guitar amplifier/speaker cabinet is a great way for you to do this, and many of them come with various sound effects. These can be adjusted on the guitar cab amplifier.

Open Back Guitar Amplifier

An open back speaker cabinet is usually just partially open. There are upper panels and lower panels that cover up half of the back, this allows some of the combo amplifier sound to radiate and spread from the back all the way to the sides. An open back combo amplifier cabinet tends to have a very open and natural sound. The back panel doesnt compress the sound and it is an organic representation of the bass or guitar sound. An open back combo guitar amplifier can really let the high frequency of the guitar resonate through the speaker cabinet, but the low end tends to feel a little smothered sometimes. If playing live with a bass or with a guitar amp, an open back speaker cab is ideal as the sound doesnt override other instruments.

Closed Back Speaker Cabinet

Unlike the open back guitar amp cab, a closed back cab can only project the sound and music forwards. This means that there is no leakage from the side or even from the back. This tends to boost the midrange of the cab and it also exaggerates the low end as well. This ultimately means that you get a much better low end sound but the directionality of the cab means that it is harder for the people who are behind you to hear the sound, such as the drummer.