For any lover of DIY, home renovation projects are simply never complete. Whether it’s a full overhaul in the kitchen, or tinkering with new fixtures in the bathroom, there is always something to do on the home renovation checklist. When it comes to cabinets, these handy items can be a DIY fixer’s delight. Built ready-made or flat-pack, cabinets can be ready-to-fit, part-made or built from scratch, depending on the skills and enthusiasm of the DIY-er in question.    While they are perhaps most popular in the kitchen and bathroom, cabinets can add extra storage – and an added design feature – in almost any room in the house. From the laundry to the guest room, cabinets can be a great addition, helping to keep clutter and mess under control, and the room looking neat and tidy. To get cabinets right, there are a few important factors to consider. Looks and functionality are usually top of that list. For example, kitchen cabinets need to fit the space well, they need to provide plenty of shelf space, and they need to be easy to access. Each door needs to open correctly – without hitting or scraping any other doors or appliances. At the same time, the look of the cabinets needs to be just right, fitting the design of the kitchen in colour, style and overall feel.

Cabinet Hardware

A cabinet is not a cabinet without working parts. That’s where cabinet hardware comes in. Doors need to open and close, and drawers need to slide. When building a new cabinet – or renovating an old one – certain essentials in cabinet hardware are needed. Cabinet hinges can allow cabinet doors to open and close properly, while cabinet drawer slides offer a sliding mechanism for well-made drawers.    Cabinet handles allow for easy access to whatever is inside the cabinet’s doors or drawers – but they also offer so much more. Handles can completely change the look of the cabinets, and are as much a functional choice as they are a design choice. Need to keep something out of little hands? To lock cabinets and drawers – especially those in the bathroom and kitchen – there are cabinet and drawer locks. Ready to start shopping? eBay has the goods. Home to big brands such as Dynasty Hardware, Hettich and Häfele, eBay features thousands of brand new and used cabinets in a vast range of styles and designs.