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Cabinet Hinges

Keep those doors swinging with cabinet hinges

Functional cabinet hinges are typically used to open and close cupboards in the kitchen and living room, and wardrobes in the bedroom. Whether youre looking for soft close and discreet or decorative features, youll find the perfect cabinet hinges on eBay.

Standard kitchen fixtures & fittings

Rust-resistant cabinet hinges are the standard choice in most kitchens. If you have space-saving cupboards fitted into corners you need cabinet hinges that are specially designed for folded cabinet doors. The heavy-duty steel with electroplate surface fittings are suitable for 16-28mm kitchen cabinet doors and are supplied in 4pc packs.

High-quality hydraulic soft close cabinet hinges typically also feature a clip function so that you can easily remove the doors. The soft close mechanism enables doors to close slowly without slamming shut. The cabinet hinges are supplied with hinge mounting plates and pre-inserted screws, and can also be used for wardrobes.

Cabinet hinges that sit flush against the door are concealed by the woodwork. Most super flat designs feature snap-on attachment.

Bedroom variations

Utilise overhead space in the bedroom by fitting cabinet hinges to lift up flap storage cupboards. The non-corrosive heavy-duty stainless steel spring hinges are supplied in a pair of left and right fittings. When the cabinet door is open, the hinges hold the door securely.

Small cabinets benefit from intrusive fittings. Invisible concealed cross hinges have a unique design that makes them the ideal option for a variety of DIY projects.

Antique brass butterfly cabinet hinges add a decorative embellishment to bedroom furnishings.

Other types of cabinet hinges

Camper trailer caravans require special cabinet hinges for opening and closing the canopy. Supplied in a pair, compressed gas strut hinges offer an extended length of 430mm when open fully.

Cabinet hinges that are fitted with a LED sensor light allow you to clearly see inside any cabinet or wardrobe every time you open the door.