Choosing your cabinet pulls

When renovating you begin to realise that there are many more elements to choose than you may have originally thought. One thing that needs to be picked out for the rooms you are renovating, whether it be the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, are the cabinet pulls, or handles. These are an essential element of any cabinet or draw you have and are a small detail that can have a large effect on the overall feel of a room. Both practical and decorative, don’t forget about these when decorating or renovating a space.

Material and colour

Cabinet pulls can come in many different styles and are made from many different types of materials. You can get polished chrome, steel, matte finishes for your cabinet pulls. If you are after a cohesive look within your room, try matching your cabinet pulls to your appliances and existing hardware. For example, if you are using stainless steel appliances, you can opt for a stainless steel handle. For cabinets with a wooden finish neutral colour and softer styles pair better. However, if you want something that edgier which stands out, try going for a statement handle in a contrasting colour.


Once you have picked out a material and colour to best match the style of the room, you need to decide on the shape. Cabinet pulls can be angular or with rounded with soft edges.

For a modern, contemporary look, a stainless steel bar handle has a clean silhouette which will suit the rest of your room’s décor. For a subtle, unobtrusive look, handles which sit flush to the cabinet or drawers are a great option as they won’t be noticed and are still functional.

If your cabinets already have pulls and handles, you can still get some new ones. Whether it be because you want to change the look of your room or replace old ones, eBay has a wide range of products and styles, so you are sure to find the one which fits your needs.