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A professional way to trace cables

To do any work with cables and wires, you're going to want to have a cable locator. The cable locator allows you to trace cables within walls or underground to locate short circuits or cable breakages. Essentially, it's a wire finder that pinpoints problematic cables or, in the case of construction work, the location of cables to avoid power outages. There is a selection of professional cable locators on eBay, which consist of a transmitter and receiver with a torch function for poorly lit areas.

Choosing the right cable locator

You need to be able to rely on your cable locator if you want to do the job correctly and safely. If you are working with underground cables, you have to be extra cautious, as inaccurate identification may result in power outages for businesses and homes. You don't want you or other members of your team to start using shovels and excavators unless you can be sure that you've pinpointed exactly where the cables are underground.

To choose the right cable locator, you need to first consider the type of work you are going to undertake. For simple tasks like working with water pipes or utilities in quiet areas, a single frequency cable locator may be a good option. But if you work with companies that look after a wider network, you may need more frequencies to locate all of the different assets.

Other factors that may affect the purchase of your wire finder may be whether or not you need a null antenna or current measurement. A null antenna allows you to accurately locate the cable, while a current measurement shows whether you are tracking the target signal.

If you are looking to get into cable locating, you will need to become familiar with the terminology to ensure you are using a quality cable locator and are in fact locating the correct cables. You may also require electrical cable cutters for those tough circuit breaker jobs.

Check out eBay today and start your search for a cable locator that will locate wires with accuracy and precision.

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