Cable Organiser Options and Solutions Made Simple

Cables are a fact of life in the age of technology, even with the number of devices going cordless in connection and charging. Chargers themselves still require cables to be linked to electrical plugs and it will be some time before wireless technology can truly keep up with the speed, security and reliability of corded connections to peripheral objects or to power outlets. However, cords tangle easily, can become confusing as to which goes to what device or destination and form an unattractive muddle of myriad knots, but you can find cable management solutions of many sorts on eBay.

What types of cable organiser solutions are there?

  • Cable management clips: Clips can either join two cables side by side, can attach a cord to a surface such as a table's edge or they can be used as colourful distinguishers of the plug ends of cables. Many have places for small labels to make finding the right cord at the right time an easy task.
  • Cable management covers: Covers or raceways, form covered paths for the wires to travel through without sagging to the floor and causing a spot of disorderly ugliness.
  • Cable management boxes: Boxes are especially popular for chargers of phones and other handheld devices. The boxes have places inside for extra wire, spots on the top to rest the devices and then extend to a wall plug behind them. They are ideal for cable management on desks and side tables.
  • Cable management sleeves: Sleeving bundles cables together in fabric and is a much more understated means of arraying cables along a length of wall.

What are the kinds of cable management across floors?

Concealer tapes, hard rubber strips and fabric have all been used to corral cords and keep them together in a way that will not trip people crossing over them in large rooms or hallways.

What are some cable organiser ideas?

Cables can be arrayed creatively or in an orderly, sedate fashion for wall cable management. Some people use repositionable adhesive-backed hooks on walls to arrange complex patterns on bare spaces with cords that would otherwise be an eyesore. Others also have them on the wall, but stacked atop each other in close rows that create a border of a sort for the wall from electronics to outlets and network machinery. This works well with LCD cable management and entertainment systems. Common cable management tips are to keep things simple so as to be easy to adjust and create a solution rather than a jumble of further problems.