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How does a lightning cable compare to a USB C cable?

It seems like the traditional USB cable's days are truly numbered. Many manufacturers are switching to smaller connectors in a bid to pack more into their products. Apple has led the way with their move to the lightning cable for iPhones and iPads. Android products and many others have been moving towards the USB C connection instead. Both of these options have their own advantages, with many vendors selling each on eBay. So, who came up with the best cables, Apple or everyone else?

The apple lightning cable can handle more power

The lightning connector has the capability of supporting high amperages and wattages in order to charge the iPad's large battery. Despite this, their standard iPhone chargers are only 1 amp. It is thought that in the future, their iPhone cables will be able to take a higher amperage.

USB C cables transfer data at 10Gpbs, utilising the full bandwidth of USB 3.1. Despite this, many current phones don't use the full capacity.

Which connection is more durable?

Apple may have a poor reputation from their previous cables being easily damaged, but perhaps things will change with the new cable design? While Android cables had a better reputation, it is hard to know what the longevity of USB C cables will be like.

In the end, the cable's lifespan will mainly depend on how well the user takes care of it. If it is always being stuffed into bags, it will probably break much sooner than one that stays plugged in at home.

Will there ever be a standard?

It's hard to know, because Apple often likes to do their own thing, despite what other companies are doing. As long as they keep making high quality products that continue to find a market, they may continue with their own cables. While we wait and see, you may as well just enjoy your phone the way it is. Add your own sense of style with some fun mobile phone charms.

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