Caboki may well save your hair

Caboki offers a natural solution to hair loss or thinning. The founders have decades of experience as professional makeup artists, and saw the damage of artificial hair loss treatments first hand. They were inspired to bring skin-friendly and natural products to the market to help with this common problem.

Caboki has evolved to offer a range of hair thickening products to the whole world. They are also proud to say that their products contain absolutely no synthetic dyes, fillers, preservatives or artificial chemicals, no animal products or testing on animals either. This is a brand you can trust.

How it works

Caboki is not like traditional hair thinning treatments, there's no spray at all. You simply sprinkle Caboki onto the area of your hair and the product attaches to your existing hair like trillions of microfiber magnets, making each fibre thick. Each strand of your hair instantly becomes thicker. That visible patch of scalp will quickly disappear.

These products do not contain synthetic materials and are part of an increasing trend for organic hair loss powders. The product is made from the Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum plant, a type of cotton fibre that only grows in Morocco. Now that's exclusive. This approach means that even the most sensitive scalp is able to get along with Caboki. Use to fill in larger spots, or simply use as a concealer for smaller spots.

Caboki products

This natural look can be achieved with a range of products. Buy the classic Caboki in various pot sizes. There's even a travel size available so that you can take your secret weapon with you anywhere. Choose from a huge range of colours, from silver grey to dark grey, auburn to golden blonde, light brown to black. Opt for a dark brown Formula 2 product to simply fill in patches or roots with a brush.

Shop for a range of accessories too with the Caboki volume control mist and panoramic mirrors to gain all perspectives. If you're just getting started, look for one of their starter kits, right here on eBay.