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There's no mistaking a shiny new Cadillac. Its long, low body; it's pointed, boxy shape; the luxurious details on the inside and the classic multi-coloured emblem on the grille - Cadillacs have become an institution in American automobile manufacturing and a symbol of status and quality around the world. eBay can give you the keys to a piece of motoring history, with a beautiful digital showroom of classic makes and models that would look right at home in your garage. 

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Born in Motor City, USA 

The production of Cadillac cars started in Detroit in 1902 after spinning out from the previously successful Henry Ford Company. The town came to be known as Motor City because it was the epicentre of production of many of the United States' finest automobiles. Ford's use of assembly line manufacturing provided a template that thousands of companies around the world still use today. 

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