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Since the rockabilly era of the 1960's the cafe racer has been synonymous with speed and rebellion. Today's aficionados may be a little more understated, but there's still a huge demand for the model that gives the rider great handling and the ability to travel unencumbered at high speeds. 

Classic racers were famous for their unique ergonomics. The body was generally lightweight with minimal bodywork, and had dropped narrow handlebars that allowed the rider to crouch low to decrease wind resistance and increased speed. Designed for high-speed travel over short distances, the cafe racer was the go to bike for highway travel. 

Cafe racers have come a long way since then with more modern designs, like the Triumph Thruxton arriving on the market. Now equipped with new technology, new racer models have enhanced handling, power and agility, with pistons, calibres and tyres manufactured to more exacting standards. 

The newer models also have a much wider range of accessories available than their predecessors.These days, you can purchase headlights, taillights, rear seats, speedomotors, rear-view mirrors and blinkers either in vintage or modern styles to suit your bike. 

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