Whether you need to replace your cafe tables and chairs due to rebranding or you've recently opened up a restaurant and require new furniture, it's important that you find the right product to represent your brand.

Your tables will not only take up the majority of your space, but it is where your customers will be spending their time socialising, drinking, and eating their meals. The right table needs to look aesthetically pleasing while providing enough leg and elbow room for those seated.

If you want to furnish your new cafe, it goes without saying that tables are an expensive asset. However, the cheapest way to decorate your store is to opt for second-hand yet still great quality tables. Best of all, you can find some great bargains online at eBay without paying retail prices - simply place a bid on a product that you've got your eye on, and compete against other buyers to win the table in a countdown style.

There are also a wide range of materials to help create the cafe atmosphere you want - from vintage industrial recycled timber to aluminium or stainless steel, the choice of your tables will be absolutely crucial to the success of your overall design. Most important of all, ensure your tables and cafe chairs will stand up against the hard wearing, high volume demands of the restaurant environment.

You can also select by style according to your decor. There are square bench counters four two to four people, bar-height tables, or family-style dining tables that seat up to ten guests. A mixture of these is always a good idea to accommodate the various types of groups that enter.

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