Cake & Cupcake Stands

Display your cakes proudly with a set of cake stands

Whether you own a bakery, a cafe or simply want to show off your home-baked goods, cake stands provide an elegant way to do display your goodies. Theres a huge range of decorative and practical stands for all of your entertaining requirements.

Vintage tea time glamour

Elegant vintage cake stands are available in a wide variety of classic styles and materials. Triple tier cake stands comprising of a trio of beautifully decorated ceramic or porcelain plates are perfect for serving dainty individual cakes and finger sandwiches. Stainless steel and metal 2 and 3-tier arrangements are an alternative option.

Elaborately detailed vintage cake stands made from metal were originally used to display table. Glass and ceramic designs are also available.

Ingenious folding cake stands have a gong shape and open up to reveal three small oval plates that are perfectly balanced.

Retro variations

Shabby chic pedestal cake stands are traditionally made of glazed ceramic and feature colourful pretty designs. This practical cake stand is complemented with a rounded clear glass dome that allows you to admire the contents. The handled dome also keeps the cake fresh until its time for tea service.

Wire and metal cake stands are a popular choice for displaying and serving a 2 or 3 level selection of cupcakes, pastries, muffins and other small bakes.

If you want to go for something a bit simpler, stands in plane block colours such white, pink or silver will prevent the stands stealing focus from your cakes!

Modern centrepiece displays

To really show off your homemade cakes you need cake stands that demand to be noticed. Dangling crystals arranged along the border of pedestal and 2 and 3-tier cake stands ensure that your cake is the centre of attention. Extra tall cake stands elevate your cake above everything else on the table.