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Callaway Golf Club Bags

Every golfer needs a bag, and if you use Callaway clubs, you should definitely consider Callaway golf club bags. Every maker has slightly different preferences for everything from clubs to gloves, and using a completely matching set not only means the clubs will fit properly but also that its easier to keep your gear together if its all of a set.

Types of Club Bags

The way you golf determines numerous things, including the best kind of bag for you. Callaway makes everything from staff bags, to cart bags, and stand bags. Picking the right kind of bag depends on everything from how many clubs you carry, to whether you normally walk the greens or prefer to ride a golf cart.

Staff Bags

Callaway staff bags are big; they often weigh more than four kilos just for the bag alone. These are the bags the professionals use on tour; they are also the bags that they pay someone else to carry for them. Part of the weight comes from quality. Staff bags use higher quality materials than other bags and can hold more clubs. In most cases, they arent worth the investment for a recreational golfer, but they are available.

Cart Bags

Moving on, Callaway cart golf club bags are smaller than the staff bags but still have lots of room for additional clubs and accessories. Many feature a rubber base so they dont slide off the cart, and they arrange the pockets for access while on the cart. They arent light, often weighing up to three kilos, but you arent supposed to be carrying them anyway.

Stand Bags

Callaway stand golf club bags differ from the other two types because they can stand on their own two feet. These bags feature a pair of retractable legs so that you dont have to lay them down when you arent carrying the bag. They are the best choice for people who like to walk the course.