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Callaway Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Balls

One of the strongest names in the sport of golf, Callaway manufacturers golf equipment, with everything from golf clubs to balls, in the interest of improving your golf game. When you need golf balls that are going to help you ace your shot, Callaway is a good brand to choose.


Callaway manufactures golf balls designed especially for women. Callaway Solaire golf balls are designed with a women’s stroke in mind, and are softer and easier to use. However, women can surely go outside of balls designed for them to use other golf balls. Generally speaking, a softer golf ball is a better choice, but a woman with a firm stroke could seamlessly use a harder ball.


Your handicap does matter when you’re selecting golf balls. One of the best things to do is actually get fitted (just like a golf club) at your local pro shop to see what type of ball is best for you. When a golf pro sees your stroke, swing and ability up close, it’s much easier to recommend an adequate ball. This way, you can always try out one ball and see if you like it, as well.


Most Callaway balls, such as Callaway HX Tour golf balls, come in multipacks for more econmomical use. However, if you’re just at the fitting stages, it may be best to buy a small multipack until you’re sure you are comfortable with the ball. Once you’re certain of your comfort level, these balls come in 36-packs and above for convenience.

Tour Balls

Some professionals do use tour balls and some do not. Generally speaking, tour lines are for golfers who are intermediate to expert, but not professional. Callaway does make and sell tour balls that the professionals use, although you may have to be specially fitted to find some of these balls. Often, those sold in multipacks are for intermediate players, although they are labeled “tour".