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Callaway Iron Set Golf Clubs

Callaway Iron Set Golf Clubs

In golf, there is a club for every kind of shot, both the long and short distance ones. Callaway Drivers, hybrids, wedges, irons, and putters are among the best on the market. Irons typically constitute the majority of golf clubs you need for the game, as they are the clubs to use for long shots. Therefore, picking a great set is the key to playing a great game. Not all irons are the same, and you have to pay attention to several features when choosing yours. The Callaway company aims to provide innovative high-performance golf equipment, so choosing one of their sets is a great idea.

Types of Iron

Two types of irons are available, depending on the manufacturing of the material. Forged irons like the Apex Pro 16 are one-piece clubs that the manufacturer grinds, polishes, and mills to achieve its shape. These are best for skilled players who want to control their hitting trajectory with precision and shape their shots. Cast iron clubs come from special moulds, and as this process is easier, the clubs are also cheaper.


The head of your Callaway iron could be either in the shape of a blade or have a recess cavity at the back. Blade irons feature a thin top line, thin face, and a compact hitting area. This design allows you to distribute weight evenly on the head. It is the first choice for skilled players thanks to its increased feel and ability to shape a shot. Cavity back irons like the Steelhead concentrate more weight on the perimeter and are thus more forgiving clubs, suitable for weaker players.


Golf clubs also differ in their design in terms of handedness. Before purchasing a set of Callaway irons, make sure you can actually use them properly. A left-handed person playing with clubs that for right-handed people is less likely to succeed. As most people are right-handed, left-handed clubs are little less common, and if you need that kind of set, you need to pay more attention to the product details.

Iron Sets

Iron sets consist of different numbers of irons, although you could buy them as single pieces as well. Callaway single iron golf clubs allow you to create a collection piece by piece. Most commonly, full sets include golf clubs from a 4 iron to the pitching wedge. The number of clubs you need depends on how far you hit with each one and what the gap between these distances is. In case of noticeable gaps, you might need to think over the configuration and choose another kind of set. The number of clubs depends on your skills as well. Beginners may benefit most from getting a set that includes clubs from 5 iron to SW, while more skilled players are better off with 3 to 9 iron, leaving room for specialist wedges.