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Calvin Klein Briefs for Men

Calvin Klein provides men with modern and fashionable garments and the same stands true for company's underwear. Men's underwear may often be overlooked, but getting it right is essential both in terms of sophistication and comfort. Perfect underwear fits well, does not cause chaffing, and is pleasant to look at, be it either at home in bedroom or in a public gym. Moreover, when your trousers slide a bit downwards, you never have to feel ashamed if the top half shows because having "Calvin Klein" written all over it surely gives you some bonus points.

Basics of Briefs

Briefs are the standard underwear choice in most men's wardrobes. They cover the package and the backside, but leave the side of the leg and the upper thigh exposed, thus providing maximum freedom. They fit under any clothes with no trouble. Quality briefs could even provide a little lift. The Calvin Klein briefs include an elastic waistband with logos.

Brief Rises

A brief rise describes how high on the waist they sit. Low-rise briefs stay below your natural waistline and are perfect for low-rise jeans. Mid-rise briefs sit right at the waistline and go well with regular jeans, while high-rise briefs that extend over the waistline are the best option with high-waist trousers, such as dress trousers.

Colour and Material Options

The Calvin Klein cotton brief underwear for men are from comfortable stretchy cotton, which is actually a mix of cotton with some elastane. This ensures that the briefs do not stretch out too much and fit snugly around your body. You can choose between elegant black and grey tones, opt for a refreshing white, or be daring with numerous colours from orange and blue to some patterns that play with the CK logo.

Boxer Briefs

Traditional Calvin Klein boxers differ from the brief cut significantly. The boxers are loose fitting with more breathability and no support, while the briefs hug you tightly. However, you can get the best of them both when opting for boxer briefs. They provide the support of the briefs and the coverage of the boxers.

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