Stay hydrated with CamelBak

From everyday activities and adventures to high-performance sporting events, keep hydrated with CamelBak hydration. Choose from simple water bottles to full hydration packs to find something to suit your needs.

California-based company CamelBak produce a range of outdoor equipment and are best known for their hydration products. Their hydration packs were dreamt up in 1989 by bicycle enthusiast Michael Eidson. When competing in a hot, 100-mile road race, he discovered that there were few places to fill his water. He used this experience to create hands-free hydration, ideal for those on the go.

Water Bottles

If you're heading for a session at the gym, going out for a walk, or just like to have your own water on your desk at work, check out CamelBak's water bottles. The bottles are designed to be durable and leakproof and are free from harmful materials such as BPA, BPS, and BPF. You can also find kids' water bottles in cute colours and prints to take with you on a day out or pack in their school bags.

Hydration Packs

For those on the go, hydration packs are a great way to keep hydrated without having to stop or search for a water supply. CamelBak have a selection that is targeted at different activities, from packs for cycling and mountain biking to packs for running and skiing.

Fitting on your back like a backpack, they hold all the water you need and offer a tube with bite valve for easy hydration on the go. For those who need more than just a water bottle but don't want to carry a full backpack, check out their waist packs.

When choosing your pack, you'll want to consider the capacity and how long you'll be out for as well as features such as how stable the pack is on your back and whether you'll be needing reflective details.

Run packs, for instance, come in lightweight designs such as vest and waist styles so that you can carry all the water you need without inhibiting your movement and performance.