Camera Cables & Adapters

Cables and Adapters for Nikon COOLPIX

The Nikon COOLPIX is a great example of a point and shoot camera. With support for up to 720p HD video, it can store memories in both still and moving picture form. The question is how to get the images from the camera to your computer, or even onto your TV screen. Nikon COOLPIX cables and adapters are the simplest way to achieve that goal.

Default Adapters

Every Nikon COOLPIX comes with at least two cables in the original box: a standard USB cable and a dedicated Audio/Video cable. Both connect directly to the cameras USB port and can transfer pictures directly from the camera to either a television or your computer. Some models of COOLPIX also feature a micro-HDMI connector for a direct HD connection to your television.

A/V Adapters

The standard A/V adapter, either the EG-CP14 or EG-CP16 connects with a mini-USB connector at one end and two or three RCA connectors at the other. Camera A/V cables and adapters for Nikon allow you to view standard definition content on your television screen. It does not support any form of high-definition content. For that, you need to go to an HDMI cable. This helps you avoid HDCP, or high definition content protection, which prevents transmission of high definition content over unsupported interfaces.

Power and Data Cables

In addition to transferring images from your COOLPIX camera to your television, you may also want to transfer images directly to your computer. While you can simply transfer the memory card from the camera to the computer, that does not work for images stored in the cameras internal memory. Luckily, the same camera USB cables for the Nikon COOLPIX that connect to your power adapter also connect to your computer so you can move pictures quickly and efficiently.

Camera Accessories

Getting a camera also means getting accessories. Even though the COOLPIX doesnt use additional lenses, you still need everything from cases and cables, to memory cards. Its all about getting everything you need to ensure you can enjoy all the pictures you take.