Camera Lens Filter Rings & Holders

Camera Lens Filter Rings and Holders

Photography is a discipline where the equipment you have can make a crucial difference in the quality of your output. One of the most influential camera elements is the camera lens, as it determines how much and how you can capture a scene. Often to get the most out of your camera lens you apply filters, which sometimes requires camera lens filter rings and holders that let you equip them.


There’s no real sense in detailing the virtues of camera lens filter rings, without first looking at the benefits of camera lens filters themselves. Camera lens filters allow you to craft the images you take by altering the type and quantity of light that reaches your camera’s sensor. There are a wide variety of filters available, from polarisers to UV filters. Many filters can be screwed onto the camera lens, but others require camera lens filter rings and holders.


As with camera lens filters, it’s important to know what kinds of camera lenses you’ll be working with. It’s not just the size of your lens that has an impact on which camera lens filter rings you need. Different lenses are suited to different types of photography, which changes the filters you may use. It’s the relationship between these two elements that is important when deciding on filter rings.

Step Up, Step Down

Two common types of camera lens filter rings and holders are step up and step down filter adaptors. Lenses and filters come in all sizes but only work well together when they are set to the same diameter. The adaptors screw onto camera lenses, and in the case of step up adaptors, allow you to attach larger camera lens filters to smaller-diameter camera lenses. These adaptors are useful when you own multiple lenses and want to make the most of your camera lens filters.


The biggest price differential for camera lens filter rings and holders is the material that they are made from. Cheaper filter rings are generally made of materials that are less durable and more prone to camera lens filters becoming jammed in their threads.