Camera Lens Hoods

Camera Lens Hoods

Some DSLR cameras already include a lens hood as a part of their package. You could also purchase one to complement your set of photography accessories. They often have a wave-like pattern and attach at the end of your camera lens and can significantly improve the quality of photos you take. Their main task is to block light that could degrade the photo quality. Learn more about their function, types and compatibility to find one for your needs.

Camera Lens Hood Functions

The lens hood usually resembles a tube and is typically larger at one end than the other. This is mostly true for prime lens, non-zooming, fixed focal length lens, hoods. Zoom lens hoods also include a curved opening at one end, cut to the zoom range of your lens. This allows you to use smaller focal lengths and wider fields of view, while also blocking light at longer focal lengths. Blocking some light is crucial in photography, if you want to reduce flare and not include dust particles on your lens itself on your artworks.

Camera Lens Hood Types

The camera lens hood could add a specific effect to your images, depending on its shape. Round lens hoods are the most common ones and they work with most standard and telephoto lenses. Petal-shape lense hoods are typically for wide-angle lenses and this special shape makes sure that the hood does not intrude the photo and cut off part of the image. The square-type lense hoods are also for wide-angle camera lenses and this shape ensures that you do not see the hood in the picture.

Camera Lens Hood Compatibility

Whatever your camera brand and model, you should always check whether it is compatible with the lens hood that you would like to install. Some lens hoods are more forgiving and fit several different cameras, while others are very model-specific. In any case, check and double-check before acquiring one. Do not simply check compatibility with the camera brand, as the camera models are different as well.