Camera Screen Protectors

Unforeseen accidents happen that scuff and scrape the LCD screen on your camera. Even though some camera screens have scratch-resistant glass, installing a screen protector provides an extra measure of protection. You can purchase screen protectors for Sony cameras, Canon and other brands or choose a universal camera screen protector. Moreover, you'll enjoy the protector's additional features when using the viewfinder to review your camera's photo gallery.

What are camera screen protectors made from?

The majority are made from shatterproof, tempered glass. You'll have peace of mind that the anti-shatter glass won't injure you or someone else. The glass membrane, on average, is 0.4 millimetres thick and protects the screen from shocks and impacts. Likewise, some manufacturers make screen protectors from ultra-thin optical glass that contains multiple layers of protective material.

How do you apply a camera screen protector?

Prior to adhering the protector to the camera's screen, lay the protector on the screen to make sure it fits. Keep in mind that any dust on the screen can cause bubbles to form which you want to avoid. Use a microfibre cloth, which won't scratch the screen surface, to wipe away dust. Then, use a flashlight to locate any remaining dust. After making sure the screen is dust-free, peel back about 3 centimetres of the screen protector's sticky side. Align the edge of the screen guard with the screen edge and push down so it sticks while pushing out bubbles with a credit card. Repeat the process until the guard adheres securely.

What features do camera screen protectors have?

Aside from protecting your viewfinder from everyday wear and tear, the protector's finish has other benefits. Depending on the angle, a matte finish can prevent people nearby from viewing your pictures. In addition to keeping your personal photos private, anti-glare protectors cuts down on bright light. That means you can view a shot more easily before you ever touch the shutter-release button. Additionally, many protectors contain an anti-smudge coating that reduces fingerprints to simplify cleaning the screen surface. Some photographers prefer using UV protectors that filter out harmful rays without reducing the amount of light available.