Camera Shutter Remotes

You know that feeling when you want to get that perfect shot with you against some gorgeous landscape, but there is just nobody around to take the photo for you? Perhaps you have an awesome shot lined up but your hands just won't stop shaking, causing each photo to look a little blurry? A camera shutter remote can solve all your problems and allow you take pictures when travelling by yourself or if you are struggling to keep a steady hand. A camera remote is particularly useful for macro photography when achieving a sharp image comes down to camera stability. Shutter remotes are small and run on batteries. They can easily fit into your camera bag or pocket.

How Do Camera Remote Controls Work?

Using a camera remote control is easy and you will get the hang of it in no time.

  • Wired or Bluetooth: A wired remote shutter release connects to your camera with a cord. With a Bluetooth remote shutter there is no cord and may allow you to take pictures when you are further away from your camera.
  • Button click: By the simple click of a button, you can take photos without having to touch your camera.
  • Determine shutter open time: You can choose how long you want the shutter to stay open on many remote controls. This is ideal if you like to take long exposure shots or do time lapse.
  • Timer option: Some models have a timer option so that you can set the shutter to open and then go jump in the shot.

Do All Remotes Work for All Cameras?

Unfortunately not all camera remote shutter releases work with all cameras. You have the following options:

  • Brand specific: Many remote shutter releases are brand specific so you will need to find a model that comes from your camera brand.
  • Universal: A universal remote shutter can work with a variety of camera brands and models so is a good idea if you want to share with family and friends who have a different brand to you.