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Camera Stabilisers for GoPro

“Shaky cam” footage is unprofessional at best and can be painful to watch at worst. Camera stabilisers allow you to take the wobble out of your images and video captures, making your footage less blurry and protecting your audience from motion sickness.


Stabilisation is always an important consideration in photography and videography, but especially so for GoPro. GoPro cameras are mostly designed for extreme sports and outdoor activities. Without stabilisation, your white water rafting headcam video is almost certain to come out as a blurry mess. While GoPro’s modern cameras incorporate some image stabilisation technology, additional stabilising equipment is required for a perfect steady recording.

Types of Stabiliser

Camera stabilisers fall into a few main categories. Handheld camera stabilisers for GoPro and other cameras are attached to the camera and then held in the hands. One-handed stabilisers are generally used for smaller cameras, while two-handed stabilisers provide extra strength for mounting larger, heavier photographic equipment. Because one-handed stabilisers are more compact, they are also more suitable for filming in small spaces. The GoPro Hero5 Black weighs in at a modest 117 grams, and so GoPro handheld stabilisers are typically one-handed. If you prefer to keep both hands free while shooting, vest stabilisers attach to the upper body. They distribute weight over a wider area than handheld stabilisers, making them more suitable for larger cameras.

Stabilisation Methods

Camera and camcorder stabilisers for GoPro cameras can work in a number of different ways. GoPro’s own stabiliser, the Karma Grip, uses a three-axis motorised gimbal to maintain the camera’s orientation. Aftermarket manufacturers also build a wide range of gimbal stabilisers for GoPro cameras in one, two and three-axis designs. Other stabiliser designs do away with motorisation in favour of finely balanced counterweights. These are typically more affordable than motorised stabilisers.


One of the main attractions of GoPro cameras is that they can be mounted in a variety of locations, including handlebars, helmets and vehicles. GoPro’s karma grip can be fitted with a mounting ring that attaches to a variety of GoPro mounts, making it easy to use as a bodycam or helmet camera. GoPro stabilisers from aftermarket manufacturers are also typically designed to be compatible with the broader GoPro product ecosystem.

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