Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Enjoy stable footage with camera stabilizers for SteadiCam

You know exactly the shot you want. It’s organic, it’s raw, it’s perfect for the scene, but your cameraperson just can’t keep the shot still. It’s not their fault, it’s simply a hazard of handheld filming. But thanks to the great range of camera stabilizers for SteadiCam available here on eBay, you can get the shot, keep it stable, and remain on speaking terms to with your cameraperson and their aching guns.

Tips for finding the right camera stabilizer

Camera stabilizers come in several types. A common version is the non-motorised stabilizer. With this type, you get the most control possible over the movements of the camera. Leaning in or out to capture the shot is possible. However, it is a steeper curve to learn how to make your movements smooth and it requires more skill from the operator. Non-motorised stabilizers tend to be more affordable than a motorised stabilizer. The positive aspects of a motorised stabilizer is that it automatically keeps the shot smooth for you, and requires less operator skill. You can typically tilt up or down, but you can’t lean the same way you can with a non-motorised version. A motorized stabilizer is also heavier.

Always confirm what features are included in the model you are choosing to ensure the specs fit your needs. If a SteadiCam camera stabilizers doesn’t seem quite right, then you may want to check out the full range of camera stabilizers including the universal camera stabilizers. With the superb range of SteadiCam stabilizers available here eBay, it’s a sure bet that you’re going to capture the shot you want.

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