Camera Straps and Hand Grips

Camera Straps and Hand Grips

When you're a photographer, or simply a hobbyist who enjoys snapping shots, carrying an oversized camera is cumbersome and difficult. Take a load off when you use camera straps and hand grips to make carrying your camera easy. Available in different types to meet your specific needs and preferences, straps, grips, and slings keep your camera by your side and make it easy to grab in seconds.

Neck and Neck

Neck and shoulder straps for cameras and camcorders alleviate using your hands to carry your devices. Simply attach your tech to these handy straps and use them one of two ways; around your neck or over your shoulder. Durable and comfortable, these straps offer a user-friendly design and come in different materials, including leather or nylon. Adjustable and padded, neck straps make wearing your camera comfortable, and keep it accessible.

It's All In The Wrist

Not a fan of neck straps? Check into wrist straps for cameras and camcorders instead. A much smaller version of shoulder straps, these securely attach to your camera and loop around your wrist, still leaving your hands free but keeping your camera at your fingertips. Typically made of nylon, leather, or polyester, Canon camera straps and hand grips keep your Canon camera on a short leash. Padded and comfortable, these are an affordable alternative to longer shoulder straps.

In a Sling

A camera sling secures around your shoulder and chest and keeps your camera within reach. The chest portion of the sling keeps your camera on a sliding carabiner, meaning you can adjust how you want to take the shot, then allow your camera to rest comfortably in between photos. Adjustable and available in single or dual strap designs, these take the weight off your shoulders and neck and distribute it evenly to avoid a backache. Good for long-term use, slings are non-slip.

In Good Hands

Get a grip on your camera or camcorder when you attach a padded hand grip. A hand grip gives your fingers a comfortable place to rest while you shoot photos or videos, and makes it easy to grab your camera when you need it.