Camera Tripods and Monopods

Fledgling photographers or hobbyists should always have at least one camera tripod and monopod handy. These stands ensure stability to result in consistent shots and are a must for taking any sort of time-lapse footage or sunset portraits. The first tripods were born with the first cameras and have evolved to meet the needs of modern photographers.


The camera tripod is a photographer’s best friend. Since many high quality cameras are hefty, tripods bear the camera’s weight while ensuring a secure attachment with a variety of mounting setups. Consider the weight of the tripod when shopping. A heavier tripod gives stability even in high wind conditions but is more cumbersome to carry around. For indoor shoots, foldable camera tripods made with aluminium are the way to go. Otherwise, GoPros and other small cameras make content creation and vlogging a breeze, and tiny tripods are available to help you keep the camera focused. Finally, when shooting with a mirrorless camera, use a tripod that is just a little heavier than your camera for optimum security and stability.


Monopods guarantee stability and manoeuvrability in a portable and manageable package. They mount the camera just like a tripod, but use a single handle. Modern phone cameras are already great with taking video and pictures, so if you’re a blogger or simply want to take outstanding footage with your phone, the DJI Osmo Mobile is worth a look. This has the manoeuvrability of a monopod coupled with a gimbal that provides consistent stabilization and focus. Some monopods have extendable designs, which are great for taking group photos or getting footage of objects beyond your reach.


Tripods and monopods with 360-degree rotation use special attachments that keep the footage smooth while you pan around. Products like the Neewer 360-degree rotating tripod use a pair of rotating pucks for stability when taking panning time-lapse footage.