Camera Tripods & Supports

Take great shots with camera tripods and supports

No matter what you're shooting, camera tripods and supports can mean the difference between an average photo and an amazing photo.

You may think that you have pretty steady hands, but you need to remember that even the slightest movement, tremble or vibration can end up giving you a blurry shot. The job of a tripod is to keep your camera completely steady, providing a stable yet flexible base to frame your composition and ensure you end up with a clear and focused photo or video. Flexible tripods and monopods have adjustable legs for shots at different heights and angles and lighting.

Camera tripods

As long as you are using the correct supports and mounts for your camera, attaching and using a camera with a tripod base is generally pretty. Most tripods are fairly similar, but some come with added elements like fluid tripod heads that ultimately allow for improved ease of use and flexibility for almost any angle.

One of the most popular options for tripods is the quick release system, which was designed to allow photographers to easily attach or remove their camera from their tripod via a sliding groove attached to the baseplate.

Phone tripods

While the best phone cameras can usually take great pictures these days in all sorts of light, with the solid support of a mobile phone tripod you can do even more. Don't forget tripods for regular cameras are too big for smartphones. Mobile phone tripods are smaller, lighter and more portable. Phone tripods also need another way to attach the phone, as they don't come with tripod sockets, so camera phone tripods come with a C-clamp and rubber feet.

eBay also has a full range of tripod accessories and parts, including tripod heads and stabilisers.

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, shop the range of available camera tripods and supports on eBay today to nail your next shot.