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Camera tripods

Whether you are using your camera to take a digital or film photographs, or to record video, a tripod will help keep things steady. A good tripod will help reduce motion blur which can occur even with the steadiest hand.

Setting up a tripod and using a timer functionality, you'll finally be able to take pictures with you in them, alongside creating a seamless panorama or perfecting that beautiful landscape picture you have in your sights.

Ranging from compact designs to different leg locks and lightweight variations, different tripods may have different features for you to experiment with and improve your photography skills.

Understanding your tripod

Firstly, the size of the tripod is important as you may want a mini tripod to be used whilst backpacking. These need to be lightweight and compact in order to fit in a rucksack. Alternatively, it may be for professional services, so may need to mount larger sized cameras. If you are a traveller/hiker you may prefer to use a monopod for a more compact and dynamic design.

The weight of the tripod is important as this will give an indication of how heavy the camera can be. The weight of the camera, with the lens and flash attached, shouldn't exceed the weight of the tripod otherwise you will run the risk of breaking it.

Leg locks, with options of twisting or lever legs, will ensure the camera is mounted in the perfect position and ready for action. Other things to consider for your tripod are the materials used to make it as this may affect its weight and durability. An aluminium tripod, for example, will be lightweight and sturdy. Different tripods will take different camera mounts, though most will take a selection of different mounts to fit the wide variety of cameras on the market. Some will be designed to take a specific brand of camera, but the majority will be universal tripods.

On eBa, you will find a large range of brands including Manfrotto, Gitzo, Sirui and MeFOTO to suit your own needs.

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