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Camera Straps

Professional and amateur cameras alike can cost enough to count as an investment, so ensuring that you never drop them and damage their delicate inner workings is a definitely a must. Luckily, camera and third-party manufacturers alike have come up with a variety of strap designs and more to give you that peace of mind you need when taking your DSLR or mirrorless camera around to get those perfect shots.


Camera slings are simple but effective ways of strapping your camera to your body, thereby eliminating the risk of dropping it. These often have attachment points that are sturdy enough to prevent theft or resist the g-force when the camera is dropped and pulled back by the sling. Shoulder camera slings are ideal because they sit securely over your shoulder but allow you to point and shoot at a subject without taking off the whole setup. Once you’re done taking your shot, just drop the camera back to the side of your waist and support the camera with a light grip to prevent it from flopping around as you walk to find your next worthy subject. The portion of the sling that makes the most contact with your shoulder is usually reinforced with padding for enhanced comfort.

Neck Straps

Most camera manufacturers include a neck strap for your camera, but if you bought yours secondhand or it didn’t come with one, factors to consider in a camera neck strap is its width and material. Look for a width of about 4 centimetres and one made of breathable fabric to prevent that sweaty and icky feeling. Neck straps are shorter than shoulder straps but allow you to unholster your camera quickly as it is suspended just at chest height generally. Artisan neck straps are prettier versions of stock or third-party straps.

Wrist Strap

Camera straps and hand grips are among essential accessories for professional and amateur photographers. For those comfortable with their strong grips, a camera wrist strap is the most portable type. It secures your grip on the camera with adjustable fasteners and makes it so that your camera is basically fused to your hand even if you let your grip loose. One caveat to camera wrist straps and hand grips is that you have one less hand free for doing other things, so having an assistant around may be helpful.

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