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Which camera accessories do you need as a beginner DSLR photographer?

Investing in a DSLR camera usually means investing in a few essential camera accessories as well. As a beginner DSLR photographer, it can be a good idea to research not only the camera, but the camera accessories available. This means checking out different cameras, what features and functionality they offer, and whether those features and functionality will actually be put to good use. There’s no point buying an expensive feature-packed camera and all its accessories, if the camera is really only going to be used as a point-and-shoot.

Beginner DSLR photographers often start out with two lenses: one general purpose lens and one standard zoom lens. These provide a convenient range for everyday photography, allowing the photographer to take decent landscape, portrait, candid and close-up shots. As the photographer gets more advanced, more lenses can be added to their kit, such as macro, wide-angle, portrait, landscape and fisheye lenses.

Other camera accessories to consider are tripods and stands. Taking a great shot can often depend on the stability of the camera, as camera shake or camera movement can result in blurry shots. A tripod or stand offers that stability. It can also allow the photographer to create beautiful effects, such as those produced on a long exposure. Another accessory to consider is the camera filter. While filters aren’t entirely necessary for beginners, they can provide a great way for photographers to experiment and create.