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With collections that ooze vibrancy, playfulness and luxuriousness, it’s not hard to see why a Camilla jumpsuit is one of the most coveted pieces around. The Australian designer keeps an impressive list of clients who enjoy her pieces – such as Ottoman sultans, Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, and the summer jet-setters – and you only need to open up a fashion magazine at random to find out which celebrity du jour is seen in her latest collection.

Why buy a Camilla jumpsuit?

Get your hands on a Camilla jumpsuit and be the envy of all your friends when you step out in style this summer. With signature designs that are reminiscent of exotic faraway places, like India, the African savannah and Mexico, and patterns that are inspired by global wanderings, a Camilla statement piece is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

What’s so great about Camilla?

The flowing fabric of her easily identifiable, brightly coloured jumpsuits flatter most body shapes, and she uses silk and heavy beading in each of her designs. While her collections are priced $180 to $660, you don’t need to be on the Hollywood A-List to score your very own genuine Camilla item. Shop smart when you browse Camilla jumpsuits for sale online on eBay – you may just find a second-hand but ‘as new’ garment that is half the price you would expect to pay in her store.

With powerful product names like ‘Meet me in Casablanca,’ ‘Threaded Spell,’ and ‘Temptress of the Deep,’ it is little wonder why Camilla is a universally recognised, sought-after brand.

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