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From humble beginnings when founded in Sydney’s Bondi Beach area back in 2004, Camilla has grown to become a successful online business, also running 20 boutiques around the country and branching out into the US market with two stores in 2019. And there’s plenty of reasons why Australians (and people all over the world) are going crazy for Camilla’s unique and captivating designs.

Offering everything from women’s dresses to swimwear, jackets, kids clothing, menswear and accessories, all of Camilla’s designs capture the essence of adventure, blended into practical, wearable and incredible looking clothes. One thing is for sure, when you step out in some of the eclectic styles on offer from Camilla, people will know you’re ready to live life to the fullest!

Camilla women’s dresses

If you’re looking for unique styles that awaken the adventurous spirit inside you, Camilla’s dresses for women are exactly what you’re looking for. The diverse range of patterns and prints used to create these dresses is what sets them apart from many other designers. Camilla isn’t afraid to blend exotic styles from around the world in order to create captivating and mesmerising women’s dresses.

Coming in a range of different cuts, including long, knee-length, short or midi, there’s something for everyone in the Camilla range. And there’s also a little surprise out there for those after something a little different. Many of the Camilla women’s dress range feature subtle beading or crystals, meaning you can sparkle and shine as you enjoy your vibrant summer lifestyle.

While Camilla is perhaps more well-known as a range of summer dresses, there are also plenty of glamourous evening dresses in the collection, and in some of these beautiful dresses you are sure to turn heads at any party.

Fun in the sun with Camilla

With origins in the ultra-trendy, sun-loving area of Sydney’s Bondi Beach, it’s no surprise to find that Camilla offers an awesome range of swimwear. Made for Australian bodies and Australian life, but inspired from distant parts of the globe, the Camilla swimwear range will make you look great and feel even better when you’re hitting the beach this summer.

While many of the designs feature inspiration from exotic cultures, you’ll also find plenty of more understated options for those who don’t want to stand out quite so much. Subtle floral designs, and solid colour swimwear also forms part of the Camilla range, showing a dedication to truly creating something for everyone.

You can choose from a range of options like bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and even one-piece swim dresses. Pair any of these up with some beautiful Camilla tops, shorts or pants, and you’re all ready to enjoy fun in the sun all day long – and into the night too!

Everyone says Camilla’s tops are tops!

When you want a huge amount of diversity in your tops and blouses, Camilla is definitely worth checking out. Not only are the patterns extremely unique, often very eye-catching and almost always bright and vibrant, but the different cuts and styles will also surprise you.

From standard t-shirts through to beautiful tank tops and light, breezy blouses, there’s just a multitude of options to choose from. You could seriously put your whole summer wardrobe together from the Camilla range.

The great thing about many of Camilla’s tops is the light fabrics used, even on the long-sleeve options. It means you can still get your fix of sunshine during the day, but as the weather cools you can cover up that swimsuit with a gorgeous, flowing top from Camilla and nobody would even know you’ve stepped straight out of the ocean!

Jumpers and cardigans

We all love summer and soaking up a little sun, but what about when the sun isn’t shining? You still want to look great, feel great and dress for comfort and style. So when you’re feeling a bit of a winter chill, it doesn’t mean your clothes have to become drab and boring – get yourself into some summer inspired designs from the Camilla jumpers and cardigans range, and show everyone you can still brighten up a room when the sun goes down!

Made from a range of comfortable fabrics, you won’t feel constricted by any of the jumpers and cardigans on offer here. Many of them are light enough to feel great, but still give you the warmth you need when the sun passes behind the clouds. You’ll even find some incredible long evening jackets in the collection, perfect for a night out on the town when the weather isn’t quite what you’d like it to be. There really is a Camilla item for all seasons!

Shorts and pants for all seasons

Much like all of Camilla’s designs, these shorts are made with summer adventure in mind – but that doesn’t mean they’re not great for relaxing in either. Light and comfortable is the key, with many of Camilla’s shorts designed specifically to throw on over your swimwear after a day at the beach and still look and feel great. You’ll also find denim shorts if you like your fabrics a little heavier.

What you’ll notice when browsing the Camilla shorts range is the eclectic mix of designs and styles. Inspired from places off the beaten track, designer Camilla Frank’s love of the wide, wild world around us is truly on display.

If you’re looking for the longer variety, Camilla’s selection of pants has to be seen to be believed. You won’t find awkward, uncomfortable pants here – just exotic designs and flowing, roomy, comfortable pants that you could relax on the couch in while also looking great if you’re heading out to catch up with friends. 

Inspired by far-away places

When artist and designer Camilla Franks began the brand in 2004, she was determined to create beautiful pieces that are perfect for an Australian lifestyle – yet her inspiration was often from places very far away. Her love of travel and seeing parts of the world that aren’t regularly visited serves as the inspiration for many of her designs. 

The Camilla brand can bring your imagination to life and make you feel beautiful no matter your age, shape or race. That’s the ethos behind Camilla’s designs, and with the click of a button you can step into the wonderful, bohemian world of Camilla today!