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Campagnolo Front Derailleurs

Bike riding is not only a good way to stay in shape but also a popular sport. There are may components that come together to improve a bicycle’s performance and give the rider the best riding experience. One such component is the front derailleur. Front derailleurs are devices designed to move the chain across the front chainrings. Campagnolo is a lead manufacturer of bike parts based in Italy and is known for manufacturing some of the best derailleurs for road bikes.

Number of Front Chain Rings

Most Campagnolo bikes have groupsets comprised of two front chainrings but if yours has three, it’s best if you pick derailleurs designed for three chainrings such as the Campagnolo triple chainring front derailleurs. Triple chainring front derailleurs have a larger rear plate that enables the chain to accommodate for the significant variation in chainring sizes i.e. from a large sized chainring to a smaller-sized chainring. In addition, the rear plates bottom is also a bit lower in order to allow the chain to drop to the smallest chainring when needed.

Number of Speeds

Over the past years, chains have become more narrower to allow more speeds and as a result, the width of front derailleurs has also changed by a small degree. This means that for you to get the best performance, you will need to choose a Campagnolo derailleur that is compatible with your current number of gears.


There are two ways of mounting Campagnolo front derailleurs namely clamp on and braze on mounting. Campagnolo clamp-on front derailleurs have a metallic band that clamps around the seat tube of the bike's frame. 31.8mm and 34.9mm are the two most common band sizes, Normally, band size is printed on the inner side of the band. Therefore, knowing your bike’s frame size is important. On the other hand, braze-on front derailleurs are mounted directly onto a small-sized tab on the frame. This type of mounting is common in bikes that have oversized tubing designs.


Technology has currently caught up with Campagnolo front derailleurs and is making the lives of riders much easier. Campagnolo now has a variety of groupsets that offer electronic shifting. Electronic derailleurs are not cheap but if you are a technology enthusiast, this might be a cool feature to add to your bike.

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