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Camper Women's Shoes

Camper Women’s Shoes

Originating from Spain, Camper women’s shoes are known for their unique innovative designs as well as their classic style. They aim to provide comfort and flair while showcasing your individuality. Camper shoes are diverse ranging from flats and athletics to heels and boots, and everything in between.

Camper Platform and Wedge Shoes

There are quite a few Camper wedges to choose from, but one of their most popular is the Damas style. It is a classic wedge sandal that is available with at least five different designs on top. Designs include narrow and broad straps, covered heel and toes, and open-toed sling backs. The Allegra is one of Campers most pronounced platform designs. It is an open-toed sling back shoe made with black or brown smooth leather. It is an elegant shoe that can be worn casually or for work and its design is said to be inspired by nature.

Camper Athletic Shoes

There are a wide variety of Camper athletic shoes available and they are all designed for comfort and functionality, so your choice will depend largely on your personal taste. The Drift women sneakers is lightweight with a classic design inspired by women’s athletic shoes from the 90’s. It is available in light pink, black, and navy and has a flexible rubber outsole. The Dub is a more contemporary style athletic shoe with a two-tone smooth leather design. It is ultra-lightweight and very flexible with a removable insole. The Pelotas however, is said to be Campers most iconic shoes style with its patent leather containing 87 sphere-designed holes cut into it.

Camper Flat Shoes

Camper women’s flats range from sandals to ballerinas and have a host of styles to suit both the conservative and the flamboyant. For instance, the Balloon flats are a little more on the playful side with brightly coloured patent straps and a voluminous sole that look like it was inflated with air. A more conservative version of that would be the Oluga and the Twins shoe would fall somewhere in between.

Camper Boots

Camper women’s boots tend to have chunky heels as with the Myriam and the Kobo designs. The Myriam has a zip-back ventilated contemporary silhouette, while the Kobo has more of a classic ankle boot silhouette with side zips and a two-tone, two-fabric design.