Camping Air Bed Pumps

Camping air bed pumps are designed to inflate air mattresses and can save your lungs a great deal of effort. These camping must-haves come in a wide array of styles, which means that the decision-making process might be overwhelming to some. To help narrow your choices, remember to take pump features and compatibility into account. 

Should I Opt for an Electric Pump?

Camping air bed pumps come in both electric and non-electric varieties, so as you shop, be sure to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each. Electric pumps include both battery-powered and vehicle-powered pumps. These pumps quickly and efficiently inflate your camping air mattress with no manual labour required but might leave you rendered helpless should battery power not be available. Conversely non-electric or manually-operated air mattress pumps require user effort, but are often the preferred choice since no outlet or battery is needed. 

How Do I Determine Compatibility?

It is imperative to ensure pump compatibility with your camping bed prior to purchase. When searching, look at the various nozzles that the pump includes. You also need to determine the type of valve your blow-up bed uses. Most often, the pump's packaging specifies the mattress brands and models it is compatible with.