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Camping Cots

Camping in comfort with camping cots

Get an extra comfy nights sleep when youre sleeping out in nature with camping cots, a practical addition to the range of outdoor sleeping equipment. The more practical camping cots are lightweight and portable, great for propping up in your tent to prevent yourself from waking up with a stiff neck and back after sleeping on the hard ground.

If youre backpacking, youll want to get an ultra lightweight camp cot that is easy to carry around with you and easy when folding away.


When choosing a camping cot, youll want to choose a material that is sturdy and strong yet flexible enough to fold away and take with you. Durable and hard-wearing materials include high-grade aluminium or steel. Make sure you have rubber end caps on the legs of your cot to prevent the metal from tearing through the material of the tent.

When it comes to the material of the top, choose polyester or nylon, which are both supportive materials. Cotton canvas is not always a great choice as it stains easily and retains dirt.

Some camp cots also feature additional padding for extra comfort. These are heavier and bulkier to carry so are ideal if you are parked near the campsite.

Keeping Warm

We all know that it can get pretty chilly at night when youre camping and the ground can actually make you colder. Being off the ground helps to regulate your temperature and the air can circulate freely below you.

This makes camping cots much better than air beds and mattresses as they dont provide insulation and can even make you colder.

Tent Camping Cots

Some camping cots include a tent-style covering so you dont have to pack a tent and a camping cot, also known as camping tent cots. These are ideal for single person use when out backpacking, camping or fishing. Choosing a tent camping bed means that youre protected from the elements.

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