Camping Heaters to keep you warm in the great ourdoors

The right heater will keep you warm and comfortable on your camping expedition, whether it's a cool summer's night or a cold evening in the middle of winter. Proper preparation can be the difference between a rough trip and a fun and memorable adventure in Australia's great outdoors. There are many electric and gas camping heaters for sale on eBay, but take your time when choosing one, as there can be big differences between them. If you plan to enjoy some alfresco cooking, such as a BBQ, choose a heater that also functions as a stove.

Electric heater vs. gas heater

There are two main styles of heater to choose from: electric heaters and gas heaters. If you have access to electricity, for example whilst camping near to an RV, an electric heater may be a good choice. You can also use an electric heater if you have a portable generator, however, this kind of complicated setup should only really be considered if conditions are expected to be particularly harsh. With electric heaters, you must be wary to conserve battery power in all cases.

Butane and propane gas heaters can run on their own, making them ideal for camping trips. These are probably the most common and simple to use camping heaters, and there are plenty of options to choose from on eBay. Most are lightweight, portable and can easily be packed away to save room when not in use.

Not just for winter

It's worth remembering that portable heaters aren't just for winter; they can be worth their weight in gold in the summer too. No matter how warm it is during the day, temperatures can drop at night, especially if you camp by water. To make sure you're not left in the cold on your next camping trip, invest in a heater and keep warm on those chilly evenings. Remember that camping heaters can be hazardous if not used properly, so think carefully if you plan to use one to heat the inside of your tent. Get an appliance that's specifically designed for use inside a tent, and only use it when you need to.