Don't let the adventure or the work stop when the sun goes down! Headlamps are designed to fit around your head, hat or helmet and provide light wherever you look thanks to a torch built in to the front. Headlamps used to be heavier with halogen lightbulbs powered by large batteries offering little runtime. But thanks to advancements in LED technology, headlamps have never been cheaper, brighter, lighter, more comfortable and long-lasting - now practical for anyone and everyone venturing out into the night or working in darkness.


For something designed to help you find your way in the dark, headlamp specifications can leave you feeling a bit lost! With many different brands, models and costs across the numerous eBay listings, perhaps the most common and important figure you'll see referenced across most of them - in both listing descriptions and titles - is their light output measured in lumens or lm. This figure essentially refers to the mount of light that comes out of the lamp. A headlamp with 2000 lumens will shine significantly more light than one with 300 lumens. Important to keep in mind, however, is that lumen does not necessarily mean distance - for example, a laser pointer may only produce 50 lumens of light, but it can shine its light significantly further than say a headlamp with 2000 lumens. The headlamp will, however, offer more light coverage in a shorter distance.

Work Or Play

Maybe you're a mechanic looking to keep both hands free as you work in dark engine bays, or underneath cars up on hoists. You could be a hiker going for a night time trek or answering the call of nature in the pitch black. Or, perhaps your running and cycling is done in the very early hours of the morning. Whatever your application, the headlamps available on eBay are incredibly versatile. You'll barely notice the lightweight and waterproof single-strap models that come with built in lithium batteries and can be charged via USB. Those in search of more light power can enjoy heavy duty harness type models with multiple light beams and dimming functions that run on conventional AA or AAA batteries.

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