Camping & Hiking Lanterns

Camping and Hiking Lanterns

In an age where lighting is growing more efficient and versatile, there’s no need to be in the dark when you make camp or go on a hike. With the many options for portable lighting outdoors, there’s a great chance your outdoor fun won’t go down when the sun does. Light up your campground and the trail you blaze, choosing from solar powered, battery powered, or mobile lighting.

Solar Powered Lanterns

These lighting devices rely solely on sunrays to power up. Perfect for summer conditions or places where the sun is a constant presence, you can light up your night and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Take a look at a solar camping and hiking lantern to bring along with you on your next outdoor adventure.

Rechargeable Battery Lanterns

When the weather is unpredictable and you’re in need of a more reliable source of lighting beyond the sun, a rechargeable battery powered lantern is the way to go. Some lanterns battery lives range from 4 hours to 80 hours, depending on the brightness you need. Keep a rechargeable supply camping and hiking lantern as a primary or backup source of lighting; its just practical.


Flashlights are an excellent way to easily carry around your available lighting. New LED technology has made way for brighter, longer-lasting flashlights. With a large range of premium to economical flashlights, there’s no reason to be without one within an arm’s reach.

Other Camping and Hiking Lighting

Lighting has come a long way from its humble roots, from flame to simple wired connections. Wearable lighting devices, such as LED head lanterns, can let you go hands-free when on a hike or getting around a dark campsite. Lighting has also made its way into the tent for a convenient lighting experience. When planning your next camping and hiking trip, look for all the possibilities for satisfying your lighting needs.