Camping and Hiking Multi Tools

Some of your most important camping equipment fits inside a pocket. For example, a pocket knife multi-tool contains a screwdriver, scissors and additional functional implements to survive camping adventures or even an emergency. You can purchase camping and hiking equipment as individual items or choose a multi-tool survival kit that includes a complete set of tactical gadgetry.

What's included in a keychain tool?

Attach a keychain tool to your keys so you'll always have this valuable accessory with you. The device may house a bottle opener to pop open your favourite beverage or a straight-knife blade to cut open a package. The utility gadget made from stainless steel has a quick release mechanism that locks onto your key ring. Some keychain tools have a nail file and two kinds of screwdrivers so you can complete various tasks on the go.

How do you use a fire starter multi-tool?

These small fire starter multi-tools are available as paracord bracelets and outdoor emergency kits. Once you gather small twigs, you can use the included scraper to make tiny shavings that serve as kindling. The tool includes a flint fire starter or ferro rod that when struck with the scraper causes a spark to ignite the shavings. Moreover, the bracelet unwinds into a rope measuring on average 320 centimetres. It also features a compass and whistle built into the design.

What types of camping pouches are available?

A folding shovel can come in handy to build a fire pit or put out a campfire. The sharp-pointed blade and sturdy handle come in handy, and the entire piece fits inside a carry bag. Keep one in your car to dig sand at the beach or shovel muddy dirt away from your tyres should you become stuck. You can purchase empty pouches for storing small multi-tools and keep them protected when not in use.

What other multi-tools should you consider?

Mosquitoes always seem to show up on a camping trip. A portable mosquito repellent button that contains plant oil clips to a backpack or sunglasses to ward off the pests. There's also a selection of pocket and survival multi-tools as well as Swiss Army knives and sewing awls to add to your supply of camping multi-tools.