Camping & Hiking Rechargeable LED Head Torches

Rechargeable LED Head Torches

Camping and hiking head torches are essential items for those who love being in the great outdoors, allowing you to assemble tents, prepare meals and read a book beside the campfire while keeping your hands free. While headlamps have been around for many years, its only recently that LED technology has advanced to a stage that manufacturers can use it in even the most compact of head torches. Not only do they offer an incredible battery life, but you can use a rechargeable head torch for many years to come.

What Are the Advantages of LED Head Torches?

LED stands for light-emitting diode, which is the primary light source for most head torches produced today. LEDs consume low amounts of power for the light that they produce and are both durable and shock-resistant, which makes them perfect for the outdoors lifestyle. LED headlamps are now available in high outputs and are becoming more efficient every day as the technology rapidly improves.

How Do LEDs Work?

LEDs work as a diode that emits light when connected to an electrical circuit. They have a semiconductor chip in the centre separated into a P region and an N region for positive and negative electrical charges. When you apply a large enough voltage, electrons can easily move across the junction between the two and recombine in the P region, with electrical potential energy converting into electromagnetic energy, some of which releases as a photon of light.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Rechargeable LED Head Torch?

Whether you have a specific brand in mind or are after unbranded LED camping and hiking head torches, look for models with the controls at the front for ease of use. This allows you to instinctively control the light intensity and switch between high, medium and low settings on your LED camping and hiking head torches, as well as alter the light beam from a spotlight to flood lighting. If you want to avoid the head slapping that often results when the battery is at the front of the headlamp, look for models where it is positioned at the back of the head to balance the light controls at the front.