Camping/Hiking Solar Panels & Kits

Roam freely with camping and hiking solar panels

Green is the word across Australia today, and solar power is the key to the green power revolution, especially on a small scale. As any Goal Zero Nomad knows, small, portable solar panel kits are a great way to supply you with all the power you need when hiking and camping.

They also tend to be much lighter and cleaner than a generator, and with folding panels available, they can fit into even the tightest of spaces. All you need is an inverter, and you can run any home appliance with a portable solar panel anywhere. So try going solar next time youre exploring the great outdoors.

Portable Solar Panels

The smallest type, these can easily be hand carried or mounted on a backpack for the perfect addition to your kit. Incredibly lightweight but effective, in full sun these can usually produce plenty of amps to make the perfect charger for a phone, tablet, or any other USB-powered device, with extra to spare. Many even have integrated batteries to help keep you charged when the sun isnt out.

Foldable Solar Panels

A foldable solar panel kit unfolds to catch a wide swathe of light, but also folds back up to be easily portable, or for easy storage. These are the ideal units for camping and glamping, as they take up relatively little space in the back of a vehicle, but they can produce plenty of power for charging electrical gadgets while you relax and recharge, keeping you online and connected even far from home. They are a completely renewable source of power with no carbon emissions, perfect if youre going for Goal Zero.

Flexible Solar Panels

Once, all commercially available solar panels were monocrystalline or "mono". Now, you have the option of flexible panels made from polycrystalline and thin film. The advantage of a film-type PV solar panel over a mono is that it bends. This means it can be mounted easily on the roof of a car or caravan, and wont shatter or break.