More than a walk and a tent

Those that love camping and hiking will give testimony to how the activities are both relaxing and exhilarating. You could say they are a happy camper. That tiring thorough brisk walk by day and the comfort of the tent at night do not immediately give visions of danger or even stress for that matter.

The reality of being outdoors can sometimes be harsh and unforgiving and it requires a vast amount of camping gear to do the job needed at any given time. An emergency calls for the right equipment, a specific tool that can deal with the situation. You are sometimes placed in dangerous situations when out in open Australia.

Camping equipment

You will have to be prepared and planned for camping and hiking and your list of items to take with you will have been created in cohort with the travelling party and cross-checked many times with websites that offer an unflinching insight into camping and hiking. You have all the necessary gear including the right footwear, hydration, food, outdoor clothing, camping sleeping bags, a knife and a stove to name just a small number of essentials required.

On eBay, you can shop a variety of camping essential equipment such as multi-tools, pocket knives, hatchets and axes, saws and camp shovels. Consider how a whistle, a headlamp or an emergency rescue signal mirror might come in useful if you become separated from your party, depending on the terrain you'll be hiking over.


Within camping and hiking tools you can find items that could perhaps be called gadgets but for those that take camping and hiking seriously and therefore do it often, they make for perfect accessories. The Leatherman wave multi-tool has countless items including a bottle opener, a can opener, a screwdriver, wire cutters, scissors and many more tools. To be further spoilt for choice, you can also shop by material so stainless steel, plastic and ceramic camping tool materials depending on your preferences.