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Getting Equipped for the Great Outdoors

Investing in a camping shower or outdoor shower requires a little background work to find out what options are available. In terms of camping showers, there are heaps of different types on the market, each offering something different for different types of use. The key to choosing the right camping shower is to think about how it will be used, and to compare that to what is available.

Things to consider include whether a hot or cold shower is needed, and whether it will be used frequently during a camping trip, or if it's just going to be used occasionally to keep to the bare standards of cleanliness. Think about how much space is available in the car, and how the shower will be powered. Consider where the water will come from, and whether it will need to be carried in the car to the destination. Above all, think about the budget, and how many features are actually needed.

Buying an Outdoor Shower or Camping Shower

A solar shower is common option for anyone who want to save money, while keeping the size of the shower to a minimum. With this type of shower, the water bag must be heated in the sun, and then hung up, to allow the water to fall down onto the user. Another option is a solar shower mounted to a vehicle. The water is stored in a tube on the roof of the vehicle, heated by the sun, and then pressurised with a bike pump to create a shower.

There are also showers that are powered by lithium or 12v batteries, showers that take their heat from camping stoves, showers that are heated using a heat exchanger attached to a vehicle, and pressure showers with no batteries or power required. To compare all the options, eBay is the place to be. Home to all things camping, eBay has everything from portable camping toilets and accessories to camping wash basins and showers from the biggest names in the business.